Monday, July 26, 2010

Links to my WHY

How it all started


I am a family man with two young children. I am blessed with a great family and friends. I know this and have given of my self and resources over the years. When I learned about the M.O.R.E. through Monavie, I knew I could do something to help.

Just donating was not enough. I then learned about They are amazing! A father and son team doing triathlons to allow his so to participate in life beyond his physical limitations. So I began to train for my first triathlon! My wife thought(still does) I was crazy! When I explained that team hoyt inspired me to get off the couch and do something, Monavie maintained my health and the MORE project motavated me to do this for more than just myself, she was supportive but didn't believe I could do it.

So the blog posts will detail my training and hopefully completions of triathlons and other races to raise not just money but also awareness for the MORE project.

Wish me luck and if you can donate please go to and put in "trimore4morekids". Anything will help and if you would like to train with me or just cheer me on, please email me. Tips and training ideas are always welcome. I am a newbie and will be learning all the time.

"If you are blessed, then be a blessing" -Dallin Larsen Monavie CEO