Monday, August 2, 2010

My first Race Ever was a 10K

The strawberry stampede is the running event on sunday morning before the festival finishes up for the year.

This local event had people of all ages doing the 10k run, 5k run and the 5k walk.

I got up super early so I could be there on time.

I got there to early. I had to wait..and wait ..and wait some more but I learned a lot about waiting. BE CLOSE TO A BATHROOM.

Yep, that is the key for me. I must have gone a million times before the race. Ok, not really that much but ask my friends and they understand.

At the starting line there was a bunch of folks jockying for position. The announcer said if you cannot run this distance under 30 minutes you should go to the back of the group.

I had no frickin' idea what my time would be but I knew I was not that fast. So to the back I went. Dang there was a lot of people.

Luckily once we started, I recognized another person from a kayaking event. Within the first few blocks we were chatting and he became my pacing partner. Thanks Mike! I asked him how fast he does one of these events. He was shooting for under 55 minutes. I was hoping just to finish.

Did I mention that at 8am it was already 80 degrees out? That is not very common in May.

It was a very HOT run but I did it. Thanks to Mike we came in at 53:38. Whoo hooo!

Now I had to go home, shower and get to church on time.

Guess what? I made it just as everyone sat down. If you don't believe in miracles, I certainly do.

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