Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Part 2 Morro Bay Triathlon

After getting my gear all set up and seeing Doug and Tiffany, all I had to do was wait. and pee. and wait some more. The swimmers went in first and the we got to set up on the water in our kayaks. Two guys in surf skiis came in 1st and 2nd on the water. I came in 3rd out of 6. Not bad.

Doug and Tiffany grabbed the kayak for me on my first transition.

Getting my shoes on etc took longer than I thought. Ran out of the transition area and on to the bike portion. This was a long bike. 26.5 miles. I was a bit cautious and stopped at the water station to fill my water bottle. Three people passed me while I was filling up on water. Got onto Los Osos Valley rd and the wind was in my face the whole way. It was tough.Then the hills came on Turi rd. I was warned about them and..yep they sucked too. The great parts were the down hill section. That was fun and a great break. Then onto South bay blvd and then back to Morro Rock. I caught up to one of the guys that I already passed on the kayak but he passed me early on in the bike.

Into transition(t2) to the Run

I was much faster here, just a quick change of shoes. As I was sitting down (a big no, no I've had heard) I heard the announcer say the first kayaker came acorss the finish line. Dang! I and just starting my run. Oh well. It is my first time and I just wanted to finish.

Shoes on, and time to go. My legs felt like they were filled with cement! I hobbled across the road and then onto the sand. Ouch! at least I was not alone. There were other folks with that same cement feeling. Down onto the hard packed sand and just followed the crowd. Not a really fast pace but I was off and running!

The run went along the beach. Now it was nice to have a cool sea breeze. The ride was hot and now the coolness was welcomed. As I ran along and noticed more people headed back I thought the turn around point was up ahead. Not! I had to run over a bunch of rocks to get to the other side of the beach and then run another km to get to the turn around. Then back over the rocks and then the other 4kms back to the finish line.

As I got closer to the rocks I saw different crowds of people on the beach so I was not really sure where to go. The volunteers helped me out and shouted at me repeatedly to head back up the parking lot. As I changed course, I finally past the one other kayaker that passed me on the bike. It felt really good to pass someone.

Coming into the final section on the bike path, folks were all encouraging me to sprint to the finish. So I did. But not really sure how long I had to sprint. Luckily it wasn't far.

Then the announcer called out my name and city where I was from and just started to run as fast as I could. I was bookin' it. Hands raised with a big smile on my face.

I did it!, I did it! 3:38:15.

Tiffany and Doug saw me finish and were there to congratulate me. I had a hard time walking but after I got some juice I was feeling better.

What a feeling! Wow I did it!

I stuck around for the awards ceremony to help with recovery and to see the raffle. The awards were all given out but the raffle never really happened. Oh well.

On my way home I stopped by Bob's Big Boy for a huge plate of spagetti and chilli. Yum!

Made it home around 2pm and hugged the wife and kissed the kids. Then went outside and ran around with the kids in the yard. Proper nutrition is sooo important. Thanks Monavie for getting me through the physical part. Thanks to Tiffany and Doug for your moral support. It was great to have someone there to cheer me on.

Thanks to the MORE project for keeping me focused on WHY.

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