Monday, August 2, 2010

So now it is May, 2010

My riding and running are coming along nicely. I had originally called this my 90/90. 90 days to get ready and do the my "first triathlon" in 90 minutes. My swimming would start soon but with work and family it was harder to fit into my schedule.

My first tri was in july in San Luis Obispo where completing was the important part and not competing. I liked that Idea.

Plenty of time to get in shape. Distance would be .5 mile swim, 15.1 bike and 3.1 run. I am doing the run and the bike at those distances so far and doing ok so far.

Now the swim part would have to fall into place.

Yeah, I was online and found another triathlon that is in June, and has a...Kayak option instead. Right ON!

But..the bike is 26.5 miles long and the run is 6 miles.

No swimming though. Ok I can do this.

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