Monday, August 2, 2010

Riding a bike is easy but can make your butt really hurt!

I had a mountain bike I used to ride in college a lot but I didn't have a road bike. Problem solved! Put road tires on my mountain bike. So I did. Not really the same but it works.

I started to ride in areas around my house. I checked the distances with my car. It worked out that my goal of 15 miles was doing a loop up to my son's daycare providers house. (She is awesome by the way). So every few days I rode the route checking my time against my watch.

The first few times it was hard but fun. I quickly found out that my seat was not as soft as I once thought.

Have you ever bruised your sit bones? Let me tell you, it HURTS. Not just sitting down either. It makes you walk funny too.

So I went out and bought some cycling shorts $$. I know it is starting to add up.

But my butt is worth every penny. IMHO that is.

My riding is getting better and my running is coming along.

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