Monday, August 2, 2010

My wife made me do it

My family and I went to a local strawberry festival and had a great time. After my wife (bless her heart) read the events for the weekend, she saw that on sunday there was a 5k run/walk and a 10k run. She shows me this one week before my first triathlon.

It was the saturday night after we get home from the strawberry festival. She shows me the flyer and says" here honey, you can do this before church if you want".? I said ok, a 5 k would be a great way to warm up for the next weekend. "How far is the run in the triathlon next saturday"? she asked

"It is 6 miles or 10k" I replied. "So, why don't you sign up for the 10K?" because it is 2x as far?

"You can do it honey" But don't be late for church. You can meet us there.


So I signed up the night before the race.

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